In the realm of marketing, my journey has been nothing short of an exhilarating adventure—one that had its origins in the dynamic world of fashion. Early in my career, I had the privilege of collaborating with global fashion titans like GUESS, GAP, and Aldo within the fast-paced corridors of a fashion house.

After years of navigating the ever-evolving fashion landscape, I embarked on a new chapter by founding my own digital marketing and branding agency, “2aT Startup.” Here, I immersed myself in the intricate world of startups and entrepreneurship, donning various hats to understand what it truly takes to get a business off the ground.

As my journey led me through diverse industries and refined my skills, a natural evolution occurred. I transitioned into the role of a solo marketing consultant, and it was during this phase that I made a profound discovery—a deep-rooted passion for holistic well-being. This newfound fascination paved the way for the birth of a venture that beautifully melds the realms of ceremonial cacao and coffee. Here’s the story of how this transformation unfolded.

The Agency Success: Over the course of 5 transformative years at 2aT Startup, I took immense pride in building my own in-house team of strategic creatives, had a growing list of eager clients on our waitlist, and even hosted monthly marketing workshops. This period of my career was profoundly enriching, teaching me the intricate art of nurturing businesses from the ground up. Wearing many hats, from strategist to creative director, I gained invaluable insights into a myriad of industries.

kemi nekvapil business chicks

Diversified Portfolio: While at 2aT Startup, I had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse range of clients, each with unique challenges and goals. From partnering with One Roof Women to shape their social marketing strategies, identify target audiences, and explore growth opportunities in the digital and event marketing realms, to crafting campaign directions such as “Paving the way for women in business,” my experiences were both multifaceted and enriching.

I also had the honour of working with renowned individuals Suparna Bashin, Sophie Regan and the lovely Kemi Nekvapil, where I contributed to her brand positioning, “Shaping a new paradigm for women to shine.” Additionally, I lent my expertise to small business and organisations such as YGAP, The Man Cave, Little Dreamers, Bree & Sam, Optimum Recruitment and one whom I still consult to today is NannyPay.

This diversity in my portfolio provided me with a wide spectrum of experiences and insights that continue to shape my journey in marketing and well-being.

Discovering Ceremonial Cacao: My personal journey into holistic well-being opened new doors, introducing me to the world of ceremonial cacao—a discovery that would change my life. As I delved into its profound therapeutic properties, I found my mindset expanding to embrace the concept of ceremony. I embarked on a journey to study the ancient traditions of ceremonial cacao, immersing myself in its rich history and significance.

My approach to ceremonial cacao is deeply rooted in respect for the traditions, wisdom, and communities that have safeguarded its heritage for generations. While I adapt and create my own rituals, I do so with utmost reverence for the essence of ceremonial-grade cacao.


Grounded Cup: Bridging Passions: It was during this phase that the concept of Grounded Cup began to take shape. Fuelled by my passion for the profound impact of ceremonial cacao, I envisioned a brand that would encourage people to stop and ground themselves.  Grounded Cup evolved into a tangible reality, embodying our commitment to ethical sourcing, premium ceremonial-grade cacao, and exceptional coffee. We’re more than just purveyors of beverages; we invite you to embark on a sensory journey and discover the grounding power within.

Balancing Freelancing and Grounded Cup: Today, I strike a harmonious balance between freelancing as a marketing consultant, holding cacao circles and nurturing Grounded Cup alongside my business partner and  brother, Rob.  


Find out more about grounded cup here.