Marketing Mentorship

Embarking on a marketing career is a thrilling yet challenging journey, especially for those new to the field.

My journey began as a Marketing Assistant for international brands such as GUESS and GAP, I then, throughout the years, progressed through various roles such as Marketing coordinator right through to Marketing Director. 

As a seasoned marketing and branding professional, I also founded my digital agency where I collaborated with an extensive portfolio of startups across diverse industries such as fashion, lifestyle, and wellness for brands to the likes of One Roof Women, Kemi Nekvapil, bree & Sam and so many more!

Most recently, I founded my new venture, Grounded Cup, leading the marketing efforts that have seen tremendous success in our first 12 months.

Now, I am eager to share my wealth of experience with emerging talents in the industry. My Mentorship Program is more than just guidance; it’s a personal journey through the dynamic landscape of marketing. From navigating workplace challenges to crafting impactful strategies, I am here to be your mentor, offering insights drawn from a diverse career.

Who is my Mentorship Program for?

Tailored for emerging marketing professionals, including juniors, assistants and coordinators with 0-4 years of experience, this mentorship is designed to support your unique journey in the dynamic marketing landscape.

What Can I Help You With?

My sessions are tailored to your unique needs, structured with set goals, or on a casual basis where you can use me as a support system for when challenges arise. Whatever your needs are, my mentorship is tailored to you. Below are general examples of how I can help: 

  1. Career Progression Strategies: From understanding intricate marketing strategies to implementing impactful campaigns, I guide you through key aspects of strategic thinking in the marketing landscape.
  2. Navigating Workplace Challenges: Dealing with managers, understanding leadership dynamics, and effectively communicating in a professional setting can be daunting. I provide insights to help you navigate workplace challenges with confidence.
  3. Negotiation and Career Advancement: Whether negotiating employment terms, salaries, or positioning for promotions, I share practical guidance to help you understand your worth and advocate for your career advancement.
  4. Industry Insights: Gain valuable insights into the fashion, wellness, and service-based sectors. Learn from real-world examples drawn from my extensive experience, offering a broad perspective on marketing in different industries.

Red Flag Moments – Your Support Lifeline

In the fast-paced world of marketing, feeling triggered or under extreme pressure is common. That’s where my program stands out. I offer “Red Flag Moments” as part of your mentorship, allowing you to call me at random during high-pressure situations, providing instant advice to approach challenging moments more considerately and confidently.

Why Choose My Mentorship?

  • Proven Success: Benefit from my track record of success in the marketing realm, from working with renowned brands to establishing and growing my ventures.
  • Holistic Guidance: Receive comprehensive mentorship that goes beyond the theoretical, delving into practical strategies and solutions tailored to your career aspirations.
  • Tailored Sessions: The program spans a minimum commitment of 3 months, with sessions scheduled fortnightly or monthly, providing ample time for personalised guidance and progress tracking.

Elevate your marketing career with personalised mentorship that blends seasoned expertise with genuine support. Let’s work together to shape your path to success in the dynamic world of marketing.

    Work with me:

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    "Toni is more than a manager, she's a mentor. From the moment you meet her, Toni's passion and creativity are palpable. Her knowledge of marketing, e-commerce and consumer behavior are unparalleled. I knew right away that this was an industry leader I wanted to work with. In 2020, I worked with Toni on multiple copywriting and social media projects for her creative agency 2aT. In 2021, Toni reached out, looking to fill a social media role. I jumped at the opportunity to work with her again. She was my direct manager at MOD. The experience of working with her continuous to be inspiring. Toni operates from a strategy first perspective. She knows that customers are the center of every business and drives all of her marketing objectives around this principal. Toni is approachable and kind - I feel fully supported by her in my role. Toni's mentorship has truly been transformative, and I look forward to continued growth under her leadership."

    Victoria Maybee – Previous employee